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Software Localization

Software localization is a necessary link for enterprises to promote software products to the global market. However, when translating the software online help, user manual, UI, etc. into the target language, it is not easy to ensure that the translated date, currency, time, UI interface display are normal and beautiful, conform to the target audience's reading habits, and maintain the software function at the same time. 

We are one of the few localization service organizations that have passed ISO9001 certification. We have a strong localization translation force and an IT technical team. We fully understand the importance of confidentiality in the software industry and spare no effort to ensure the security, confidentiality and integrity of documents and any communication information. We will follow strict confidentiality procedures and guidelines to ensure the security of data and information in the whole translation process so that customers can rest assured. Our project manager will supervise the work of each translator to ensure that the translation work is in full compliance with the relevant safety procedures.