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8 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Translation Agency for Your International Business?

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8 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Translation Agency for Your International Business?

If you want to work in international business, developing a strong network of connections outside of your home country is essential. Then you need a translation agency which has become the backbone of modern business. So choosing the right translation agency is very important but if you’ve previously hired a translation agency to do work for you, then you will know how hard it is to select a professional agency that does excellent work and meets your requirements. Hence you need to keep your eyes wide open while hiring a service provider and here are 8 factors that you should consider while choosing a translation services agency.


Know what you want

When it comes to promotional written materials or business meeting, you will need the translation agency to accurately convey the values of your goods or services and finally a call to action. Then what action, you should know and then the translation agency should get it and can translate it. Each translation services provider has his strong points, you should know what you want and then search the proper translation agency in that niche.



Hire native translators. A person sitting in India can offer you translation services from English to Chinese and perhaps at lower costs. But hiring a native Chinese linguist can benefit you in several ways. When it comes to culture and way of life, no one has a better understanding than a native translators.


Specialized fields

A translation agency that has vertical expertise across a wide range of industries is a good choice but it would be better if you choose one that can expertly translate the content in your industry. To find a translation company that works with translators that have an in-depth knowledge of the topics in your industry. If you’re unsure about an agency’s experience in your niche, ask them to provide case studies of their work with other clients in your industry sector for your reference.



Haste Makes Waste but time is money for business. The earlier you get the translation, the quicker you get the profit, right? The agency that can offer the accurate translation at a very quick speed would be a good option. So learn more about the speed of the agency or ask them to estimate the delivery time according to their experience before you make a decision.


Quality Audit

Quality is the top priority. In addition to the certified translators, the quality audit of a translation agency is a factor you have to consider. It is an important part of an agency's quality management system, which also shows its quality requirements and standard. So learn more about their quality audit department.


Customer Service

Round-the-clock service is critical in a global landscape where varying time zones can negatively impact key communications on a project. So when you are in US or Europe, and your service provider is in Asia, there is a 12-hour time difference, which will delay the project obviously. So choose an agency that has timely customer service.


Clients Feedback

Like shopping on amazon, you would check the review section before placing your order. Please search the review of the agency in your list or consult to their former clients if possible. Trust me, the time you spend is totally worthy. You can find most part you concern like quality, speed and customer service etc.



Last but not least you need to keep an eye on the cost of the project. Your budget is limited after all, right? In order to choose the most cost-efficient one, you can list the offers from all the translation agencies and then make a decision with the consideration of their other cons and pros.


You can get all factors ready and pick the metrics you really care about, and then make a right decision.



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