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4 Tips to Avoid International Marketing Fails

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4 Tips to Avoid International Marketing Fails

Expanding your business internationally can be an exciting step for any entrepreneur, but marketing your product or service abroad requires adequate research and preparation. Sending the wrong message can not only discourage consumers from buying your product but could lead them to boycott your business altogether.

If you are taking your brand global, there are a few tips you can take to avoid international marketing fails.

#1 Adapt to Local Market

Do thorough research into the target market and get a better understanding of what local customers need rather than what products or services you offer. This is why you can buy a chicken roll in China or find pasta dishes on the McDonald’s menu in Italy. So adapt your products or service to better serve local customers


#2 Localize Your Online Presence

Traditional marketing such as TV, radio, and print advertising is naturally tailored to each target market. You should learn all those local channels and platforms (social media, forums, search engines) and find the most suitable for your business.

Besides customers who access foreign language websites still prefer the websites written in their own native language. To localize your website and social media presence to boost your brand.

#3 Being Mobile Friendly

The mobile web is becoming increasingly important around the world as more and more people are shopping, surfing the internet, and keep in touch via their smartphones.

Attention: The term “mobile” covers a broad range of devices and different platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows. Test your site across as many of these as possible.

#4 Good Quality Translation

Last but not the least, everything-from brand name, product names to slogan and website- should be customized to the market your brand is introduced in, learn as much about the destination of your brand as possible to ensure the success of your business. But conveying your marketing information to an international audience is not as simple as inputting your message into Google Translate and sending it off to consumers. It is quite time-consuming to understand your audience and the nuances of their language, the most efficient way of doing this is to work with certified translators or professional translation agency.


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