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How to Find a Fast, Reliable Translation Agency in China?

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How to Find a Fast, Reliable Translation Agency in China?

What’s the most important factor in choosing the right translation agency? Low price, fast turnaround, reliable, or hassle-free? The answer varies for different clients. But no doubt that one-stop translation service with affordable price, rapid speed, high quality, and strict quality inspection would fail no one at home and abroad. This article is writing to offer some tips for people who want to find a reliable translation agency in China.

The translation agencies in China can be roughly divided into four categories:

1.      The traditional translation company which only offer translation services in various fields, but may have one or two specific fields.

2.      The ‘undivided’ translation companies that dig into one field of translation, like medicine or law, etc.

3.      The ‘one-stop’ translation agencies that provide result-oriented translation services by not only offering translation services but also do related works to help clients solve the problem.

4.      This MT translation companies focus on Machine Translation and related technology development.

So which kind of translation agency is the best for you? It depends.

If your project is in a single area that is big and common like medicine or law, then an undivided translation company will be the best for you as they have enough experience, professional translators, and a rich corpus in these fields.

If your projects vary a lot and cover many fields. A traditional translation company is more recommended as its diversified translation services. You can get all translators you want instead of consulting or working with many companies which is time-consuming and hard to control.

If the translation is only a small part of your whole project or a tool to boost your business, choose a ‘one-stop’ translation agency that aims to help you solve the problem fundamentally.

The MT translation company is more suitable for those whose project is more simple and common or for clients with a limited budget as the machine translation technology remains a work in process. 

After picking the right type of agency for you, then how to pick the best one from its group?

One of the best ways of selecting a professional and reliable translation agency is through referrals. You are lucky to get referrals from friends or colleagues who have used translation services in China before. But the answer will not go 100% well with you. Then there are 8 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Translation Agency for Your International Business.