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Multi-language Dubbing

1、About Dubbing:

Dubbing is the process of adding sound to a movie or multimedia. In the narrow sense, it means that the dubbing actors match the voices for the characters, or use other languages to replace that of the characters in the original movie. However, due to the mistakes and omissions of the voice, the process that the original actors make up the dialogue again for the segment is also called dubbing. In shooting a movie, that the actors’ voices are replaced is also known as "dubbing".

Dubbing is a kind of language art. It is a creative work that the dubbing actors use their own voices and languages to shape and perfect various vivid characters behind the screen and in front of the microphone.

2、Our Dubbing Business:

Movies and videos: Post-synchronization for commercials, movies and telefilms, dubbed movies and cartoons;

Broadcasting: Dubbing for train stations, bus stations and airports;

Polyphonic ringtone: Company ringtone dubbing and background music production;

Narrations: Business special subject slices, construction animations, engineering bidding documents;

Multimedia: VCD narrations, voice recordings for telecom and financial CTIs;

Industrial voices: Voice recordings for guard against theft, alarming and NAVI systems for ships and vehicles;

Publications: Voice recordings for audio books, reading samples, electronic teaching coursewares, training softwares;

Teaching materials: Voice recordings for English teaching materials, e-books, e-dictionaries, learning machines and other voice IC series.

3Service Languages:

40 languages including English, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Vietnamese, Lao, Thai, Cambodian, Indonesian, Malay, Hindi, Polish, Dutch etc.

4Key Accounts:

Quantong Education, Xinhua News Agency, Huazhang Graphic, Guangdong New Century Publishing House, Ferryman Subtitle Group, etc.