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Development History

· 2010    【ESTABLISHMENT】    HPTRANS was officially registered in Binhai New Area, Tianjin, an area of strong economic development trend.

· 2011    【STRIVING】    HPTRANS reached cooperative intentions with Sinopec, Dagang Hospital, ICBC, CCB and other state-run enterprises in Binhai New Area after the company moved into CBD on Yongming Road with an office area of 500sqm.

· 2012    【R&D】    HPTRANS independently developed translation project management software TMS1.0, which was officially put into use to realize office automation, and independently developed interpreter reconciliation OA system.

· 2013    【ACCELERATION】    HPTRANS has signed book translation agreements with a number of national first-class publishing houses such as China Machine Press and Guangdong New Century Press. Gradually, it has occupied a place in the high-quality book translation market, and has developed service projects such as dubbing, audio-visual products, etc.

· 2014    【LEAPING】    After moving to Xueyuan Road, HPTRANS took an office area over 1400sqm and joined TAC and ATA in succession.

· 2015    【OPTIMIZATION】    With the experience of more than 500 million words of practical operation and more than 100 brands of customer cooperation; HPTRANS became a local well-known translation service provider.

· 2016    【EXPLOITATION】    HPTRANS and Israel eBookPro reached a long-term strategic cooperation, and the company officially established the International Book Department.

· 2017    【CREATION】    Cooperating with the State Council, NDRC, foreign embassies in China and CASME, HPTRANS has been a special overseas cooperative service provider of Belt and Road SME Cooperation · Key Project Promotion Handbook.

· 2018    【INNOVATION】   
HPTRANS provided language services for international conferences at home and abroad, such as the Matchmaking Conference between the Torch Development Zone, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province and the Israeli Technology Enterprises, the 2018 World SME Conference, etc.

· 2019    【TRANSFORMATION】    Setting an independent office of the International Department in the Lianhe Building of Commerce of Nankai District, Tianjin, HPTRANS became the deputy secretary general unit of Tianjin Investment Promotion Association and the enterprise member of Tianjin Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, co-organizing the Second World SME Conference.