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Website Localization

Website is the window and main marketing tool for enterprises facing the world in the Web 2.0 era, and also the main port for customers to seek information and services. Creating a sustainable localization website is the first and the most critical step for enterprises to realize their globalization strategies. Website localization involves more than translation. It is a complex process, involving project management, translation and proofreading, quality assurance, online testing, timely updating, and reusing previous content. In this process, we need to adjust the existing website to meet the cultural customs of the target audience and make it easy for the target audience to visit and use. All these works may need to be done in different time zones, different cultural customs and different legal systems. 

Besides, with the continuous updating of website content and the subsequent localization requirements, global content management has become increasingly complex. In this aspect, HPTRANS will provide multilingual website construction, multilingual translation, website engineering and testing, and DTP typesetting.