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Company Profile

Tianjin HPTRANS Service CO., Ltd., in shortened form as HPTRANS and abbreviated as CHTC, was founded in Tianjin Binhai New Area, the opening and strategic new area in the north of China, in May, 2010.  HPTRANS is devoted to the services of multilingual translation and interpretation, linguistic training, talent headhunting, international publishing, localization, global public opinion and other cross-language and cross-culture services. The company is optimizing its production capability through active exploration on technology and internet to provide differentiated scenario-based language service, to eliminate the linguistic and cultural barriers of the customer in globalization and to drive the historical course of informatization, standardization and industrialization in language services in China.

HPTRANS has a production center (including Translation Dept., Project Dept., QC Dept. and Resource Dept.), a marketing center (including Marketing Dept., Sales Dept. and Key Account Service Dept.), Administration Dept., Finance Dept., International Dept., Training Dept., College Business Dept, IT Dept. and other functional departments. The company has nearly 60 full-time employees, more than 250 contracted translators, more than 830 part-time translators and about 60,000 reserve translators. Its service covers all official languages of the countries that have diplomatic relations with China.

By now, by its services of translating hundreds of millions of words of technical information and literary works and of more than 3000 interpreters for accompanied and simultaneous interpretations, the company has established and kept deep cooperative relations with CPC and national governmental offices, enterprises, associations, institutes, foreign embassies and international organizations. The key accounts of the company are including NDRC, the Ministry of Commerce, Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China, CCOIC, China Association for Small & Medium Commercial Enterprises, Xinhua News Agency, CAS, Tianjin Pump Group, China Railway Fourth Bureau Group, CNPC, Sinopec, CNOOC, CEEC, CRBC, PKU, NKU, TJU, Tianjin Foreign Studies University, China Machine Press, China Chemical Press, ICBC, PBC, CDB, Volkswagen, BMW, Everbright International, Israeli Embassy, Italian Embassy, etc.

With sincere attitude, high-quality service, cost-effective price, leading technology and altruistic concept, HPTRANS has won wide praise from customers in various fields. Taking propelling customer growth as its own duty and insisting on its service tenet as “no wrong customers but insufficient services only” and the principle of “doing right things in right ways”, HPTRANS has established its branches not only in Dalian and Chongqing in China but also in some cities in the United States, Germany and Netherlands. With its steady pace of development, HPTRANS hopes to bring its high quality services to the customers all over the world.